The Incremental Potential of Humanity

Philosophy Thoughts: Change

In the past year or so I have been growing more self-reflective, and realizing what makes me in and out. This is very crucial to change, if you do not know what was the state of yourself before then how can you change it?

The very nature of humanity is simple, yet extremely unpredictable. A lot of scientists will say there are numerous patterns to live, that they like to believe determine our outcomes. The thing is that we are born with the free will to make our own decisions, so no matter how close those patterns come they can never predict our personal choices. Our innate ability to change our outcome is so tremendous, and people seem to forget that. We have the POWER to change our own lives in so many ways. To stop eating unhealthily, to stop being negative, and to be compassionate.

I have made the decision to live my life the way I believe will get me to the place where I want to be, and to be the person that I feel that I am on the inside. If I want to be known as charismatic and compassionate then I need to be that person! I need to make those decisions that some people might overlook or avoid.

For example just the other day I was putting away tables into a room where there was a dance class going on. As I was leaving the instructor came up to me and started dancing next to me, and I made the decision (although it was almost instinctive now) to start dancing with her too. The class loved it, and the person that was helping me with the tables was at awe about my guts to do that. These things are not hard to do, it is purely your own psychology within that is holding you back.

Everyday there will be opportunities for change and it is up to you to go for it and be successful with that change.

One of the most beautiful things about humanity is our ability to change, to adapt, for it is our survival instinct (flight or fight). We have these notions that we need to stand our ground or run away, and to some extent those will forever be here, but I believe they can be primitive and are holding us back from our potential. We have these instinctive actions that prevent us from acting like the advanced civilization that we are. If you look back at some of the literature about what the world will be like at the 21st century, a lot of the stuff they said is coming into fruition. Rather that be planes, or space travel, the point is that we have this amazing technology and we are turning ourselves into a dystopia. Why is this?

We are not all that different, even around the world, we all want happiness. Now the definition of happiness to each person might be different, but our starting position is the same! We are one race of humanity, I don’t care what notion you grew up with about race, this fact is true and it is one of the problems that our world faces. It is something we need to change, this division among people hinders our potential.

You know what? “Race” doesn’t even matter to you anyways, even if you think it does, for think about the “World Cup”.  A time where nations come together for sport and pleasure, and it doesn’t matter what race/ethnicity you are, just the fact that we are all there for the same reason. Sure there are some riots or protests, generally relating to the practices of the company hosting the cup, but they are so small compared to the sheer unity these games bring. People all around the world watching, and seeing the teams persevere.

Change is our potential, but it is up to you to #makeachange.



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