5 Windows 10 Features We Can’t Wait to Use

Amazing new features of Windows 10! We talked about how Windows 10 will be the start of the unification of technological platforms!


Microsoft will release Windows 10 as a free upgrade on July 29, introducing a host of new features for Windows users. Here are five stand out features that can’t come soon enough:

The Start Menu – It’s the little things that count. In Windows 8, Microsoft banished the start menu from the start screen, bewildering users with a sprawl of “live tiles” for launching apps. In Windows 10, the start menu will make a grand re-entry into the left-hand corner of the screen, albeit with a few clever tweaks. The live tiles for launching apps will now appear as an embedded column in the start menu. An embedded search bar makes it easier to surface lesser-used apps.

Cortana – Microsoft’s personal digital assistant will feel familiar to anyone who regularly gives commands to Siri or Google Now, with one essential difference: Cortana will be baked into your desktop. As a…

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