The World Hates Anti-Conformists

I myself am an anti-conformist, so lets just face that fact, and that’s what most likely inspired me to write a blog about making a change because I detest the current conformity. I personally really like the organization of a country like the U.S.A. but the way it came about is wrong and unjust. We have way too much business and political corruption. It needs to change.

We must #makeachange.

The biggest problem facing us is actually the fact that the world as whole hate anti-conformists like ourselves. Mainly because the status quo is easy and can be lived with even under bad situations. This idea too is a ground breaker, the fact that we acknowledge that conformists hate us, gives us a slight edge. This realization can be a driving force behind us when we inevitably do make a change.

I’ve always felt at odds with the people around me, and such I have always done things differently than most. One example being that I never even wanted to go to college, and decided to become an autodidact (self-teacher) instead. This decision has had ramifications beyond than what I could have predicted but I’ve faced such judgement, support, and the oddly common smile at the change of pace. There are some people who do deep down embrace change, but due to the need of acceptance of their peers they ignore their inner workings. Some people are just built for change, its who we are.

Our growth as a nation, a world, and simply as a race of people, has been heavily hindered by this overbearing conformity. Despite such we should still strive for a new age of life, a new light will be brought to the world, and I hope the United Living Construct can be that light. The U.L.C. will illuminate the conformists to the world, then and only then can change truly be within our grasp.



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