An ULCian World: Part One

That is the name for us, ULCians, we are the people who are world changers, world leaders, and world innovators. Now in a time of climate change, political scandals, police brutality, it shows us that the time for these such called world changers should emerge.

Anytime there is a problem, a group of people rise to the occasion and solve it. It is my belief, my mission, to help lead these people through the obstacles ahead and be triumphant.  The followers of this blog, no matter what capacity of interest, have shown that they are worthy of the title ULCian. We are the people of the United  Living Construct, and we will change the very world as we know it.


The world is a fragile place and if we do not do something soon, it WILL crumble before us.

Many people have tried and failed in the past, but they all did not have the sheer amount of  technology that we have at our disposal. Not to mention we have the ability to learn from where they went wrong, the way life works is that humans are bound to repeat the past, unless we are able to learn from it first.

One thing I fear is the oppressors out there, if you think about it anytime there was a leader in the world (Particularly USA) that person was taken out of the picture. I.e. John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, Malcolm X, Julius Caesar,  Franz Ferdinand. These people who presumed to be world changers, even at a national level the impact they caused (and would have caused if they lived) was tremendous. The oppressors silenced these individuals and I fear for ULCians, but I do not think that we are in danger. Do not fret!

We will talk more about individuals of the past that embody what it means to be a ULCian in part two of this post.

Now to all of the amazing people who follow this world impacting blog, I now say to you, go out and change.

Change your diet, change your interests, perhaps even change your physique. The world will only change if you start to #makeachange from within your own self.

Thank you for reading this, and apologies for the delay of posts.


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