One Race. One People. One World

The world is steam rolling towards a fork in the tracks, on the left is annihilation, and on the right is prosperity.

The future is mysterious and sometimes unfathomable to say the least, but as many people in the past have done, it is changeable. We can mold our own destinies into something we want, something we need, and something we crave. What do we crave? We crave love.


This is our base instinct to be loved by someone or some people. Some say love is primitive, some say love is a distraction, hell even at one point I considered the primitive nature of love. The truth to the matter is that love is the purest expression of humanity. It is the light that breaks the dark spread of hate.

Hate is something people do not seem to realize comes so easily to them. Love on the other hand takes time to cultivate. From this alone you can tell there will be a lot more hate than love in the world. We have reached the point where hate has accumulated so many followers that there is little love and compassion to break its vile spread. This is one of the realizations I see myself, and is why I feel so motivated for the United Living Construct. We need people who can stand up to the unspoken tyranny of hate; people who can spread love across each land. As I’ve said before “beacons of light”, and this light can break even the darkest points of hate, but only if we permeate everywhere.

As we change the world, things will be seen in ways never thought possible before. Our obstacles that once hindered our progress now, will be eliminated from the slow process. Technology can progress even further than ever before because for once in our history we will not be fighting over who makes it, or who uses it. We will work together for the purpose of using it as one.

These ideas come together as a construct of philosophy and technology, working in unison and quite honestly, harmony.

TerraNova PlexPad

That is what the U.L.C. is, and that is what we must make it become. “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” -Maria Robinson

This is it people, this is our new beginning, our chance to redeem all of humanity’s past failures and tribulations. We CAN overcome all obstacles stacked against us, and we CAN unite under one organization. The age of wars is almost over, now we can move on to the age of peace. The world is one, we are one people, we are one race, we are humans.


As always I appreciate you all taking the time to read this, and I hope we can aspire to do great things within our lifetimes. This blog, no this organization, is what I hope I can accomplish within my life. -Dustin


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