The Secret to Life is Balance

No matter what religion or belief you describe yourself with, balance is the center of the philosophy, even if you don’t see it. Many religions have the idea of good and evil, or punishments for those respective acts. Do a good thing and good karma with come to you, as well as evil (though not always right away). Bouncing off of this lets jump to Modern Christianity where if you sin (or in simpler words, do a bad thing) you will go to hell. Whereas if you do a good thing you will travel to heaven. Many different aspects of this can be assumed that this balance is what defines life. Everyone wants good done to them, so they must do good.

The thing is that humans are a lot more complicated than that, and we constantly fight the urge to do bad things, some more than others. In my life I had a temper in my youth and it caused me to get upset over trivial matters. One day I broke something very important to me as a result of my temper. The karma that I had set forth finally returned to me and I learned a valuable lesson that day. I honestly feel that even if your religion does not believe in karma, that you should as your own person, take the idea of it and base it in your lives. It is a truly unique idea that can help you evaluate your decisions in new ways, if nothing else.

To me religions and belief systems, are purely philosophy and wisdom that we can learn. I have never truly felt any real connection to a particular religion and therefore never made myself want to reach heaven, or to be “one with god” or to achieve Nirvana. I tend to think of things as if they are a balancing act. I love to learn from all of these beliefs and I try to balance all of them into a unique philosophy. That’s also where a lot of the U.L.C.’s philosophy gets originated, from this philosophical balance. If this isn’t done then some people around the world will not feel connected to the U.L.C., and I want it to be the universal construct for which we can all live together in harmony. This is the most important moment in history of the Earth, and we must be ready for it.

We can only be ready for it if we are together in peace. In order to do that we must first be balanced within ourselves, before we can ever hope to bring balance into the world.

The secret to a peaceful and unified life is the balance of with it holds it, and we all have seen the famous scale of justice. The sad thing is that it is so unbalanced it’s about to tip and fall. Our world is leveled in a way where the few out weigh the many (99% to 1%). The rich look over the poor with their glazed eyes and think everything will be alright. It won’t, one thing that always perplexes me is that when people become rich, their lives become unbalanced. I truly believed that if more wealthy people studied even just a bit of philosophy, their views would be more aligned with our own. WE need all people, rich or poor, to unite.

On the grand scale of the universe, it matters not whether you are rich or if you are poor. We are humans through and through, if you lose your wealth what do you have left? Yourself. Which is why in many stories it’s the people who rise up from poverty to leadership, that they do far better for the world, than the people born into riches. The famous philosopher Plato believed that the world should be led by “Philosopher Kings”. Leaders who indulged their curiosity, for their love of wisdom was overwhelming. We need someone who puts philosophy first in their morals over their personal gain. This will create the balance we need from the leadership standpoint. After such then we would need the people following to do the same, but with a leader guiding them in such endeavors it will be much easier.

The world has had many kings, ministers, and presidents, and I feel it is about time we let go of these titles. They are the type of leaders who have a higher “position” over others, they feel they are more important than others, but they’re not. Leaders should not be put a position where they are more valuable than even the most petty person. We are all humans, and if one of us are the type to lead, and we do good at it then great by all means lead. Do not on the other hand degrade their leadership, for even if they are the equal person to you, they are the ones to help keep you safe, and the ones who will face the challenges ahead of you. The key point to a leader, that many bosses of the world forget, is that they do not command. They show the followers the right way, and they lead them into the fray with confidence and awe inspiring courage to do so. That is the true beauty of leadership.

It is this kind of leadership that will guide our world into a new state of balance. The world will unite under the same hegemony.

We are one, and it is time we unite as one, so set forth and create the balance within yourselves. When the time is right we will come together.


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