Rise and Revolt

“Our freedom’s just a loan
Run by machines and drones
They’ve got us locked into their sights
Soon they’ll control what’s left inside”

 The whole album is written in a saga sort of way, where songs explain a problem or situation and they make over arching theme over the entire thing. “Drones is a concept album about the dehumanization of modern warfare. The story begins with “Dead Inside“, where the protagonist loses hope and becomes vulnerable to the dark forces of “Psycho“. He eventually defects, revolts and overcomes his enemies.” -Wikipedia

The very idea of revolting against a higher power, is what it means to be truly free. The patriots of the U.S. are a prime example, they could not condone the marriage of church and state any longer. Sadly it seems the congress and house are growing more religiously followed. Religion has it’s merits, but in a political situation we should have no bias hindering the solving of problems. The point of a government is to lead it’s people/country into the next day, week, month, year, and onward.

This being said the government of the United States has failed to uphold it’s job as a leading organization, and the separation of church and state. I know some people will call me a heretic, but alas it will be worth it if I can make the point very apparent.

We need to rise against the corrupt nature of the jugglery. It doesn’t mean a thing if we do not let everyone see what is in front of us. One of our obstacles for making a difference is the primitive forms of governments we have at this time. Democracy is ideal, but flawed. Socialism is a nice idea, but can’t work on a grand scale (coming from a person who believes in making a utopia mind you). Communism is too brash and crude to work for long, and its history is cruel. What does that leave us? Not much, besides some untested ideas, and some small tested ones. We must now create a new form, one that we can all live with the freedom of democracy, but with the organization of socialism, and the peace of a utopia.

Rise up and spread the word of this problem. Perhaps if we come together on a Socratic type manner, with a grand scale, we can finally ignite a new age for the future!

“You’ve got strength
You’ve got soul
You’re not afraid
You’re not a drone” -Muse Revolt

The time for wandering around aimlessly is over. Now is the time to act, and to create.

As always thanks for reading!



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