Philosophy Thoughts: People

Like Plato once said the world will not end its troubles until philosopher kings rule, but what does that entail? Is there some kind of course for someone to become a Philosopher king? Not at all, for philosophy is not something that can be taught. It is something you discover for yourself, and only by yourself. Sure people can share their wisdom they have learned, but people cannot learn that said wisdom unless they open themselves up to that new idea (even if it is contradictory to their own belief).

Philosophy is the love of wisdom, which can only mean one thing, that Philosophers are lovers of wisdom. Building onto this we can infer that only people who have a true love for wisdom, can ever hope to be a philosopher king.

These said kings would be the rulers of the world, ones that will forever change the face of the planet, for good.

This being said Philosopher kings are the ideal leaders for our world, but what of the followers or people who are not guided by wisdom?

They are the producers, they are the people who create the world we live in, sure in some cases they can be greedy or even cruel, but they produce the livelihood we need to survive. It is my belief that our planet has increased our number of producer type people to the far ends of the spectrum. Meaning way too much. This is why there is an influx of new products, new technology and new lifestyles for people. This to a degree has helped us progress as a species, but it has gotten to the point where producers can actually poison our group as a whole.

Then there are the guardians, the people who stand by morals and honor. These are the people who stand up for justice and fight for whats right. The type of people who yearn to be a police officer or firefighter, etc. These heroic folk keep the balance between the common people and the producers. Alas they are dwindling by the many. Honorable people seem to have disappeared in this modern world, and it saddens me to say it so.

Now personally I’ve seen myself as a mix of these three groups, leaning more towards philosopher king, rather than producer, but still a mixture nonetheless. That is also partly to how I approach life, with an universalist type attitude.

This is just one of many philosophy thoughts I’ve had, and I hope to post more in the future! As always thanks for reading!



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