The Balance of Life is Within

In a previous post “The Secret to Life is Balance” we spoke about how balance is intrinsic in our lives. One thing that happens from time to time when I write is that the idea of the post might spread into another. As the balance of life transformed into the balance of leadership, in the previous post.

I would like to expand upon the idea of influencing your own life with an internal and external balance. More and more I am experiencing, with a conscious mind, a change of perception of my own body and mind. The connections between what happens internally, can and often times will, change what happens on the external field. Your own emotions influence your body language and demeanor. Sometimes even without you knowing (micro-expressions). Although the bridge is even wider than this, for your emotions can have an effect on your body’s function. There is a story about an elderly man who was battling cancer, and every time the nurses visited him for his needs, he was one of the happiest people you could meet! One day someone had asked him why he was so happy, and he simply stated that if you are going to die soon, then you might as well enjoy your time you have left to the fullest extent. (Non-verbatim).

As you can see from the picture above, your emotions have an impact on your temperature levels as well. Just look at happiness, the body is warm and it is warm all over too. If that man really was happy for such a long period, even with cancer, then possibly that positive emotion drove his internal system to work harder than say someone who was sad about the sickness. Maybe then his body actually drove the cancer away because of the mindset he put himself into.

This idea of your mindset can have a profound impact on your body. The thing is there has to be a balance between the two, for one can’t be overly positive or else the other will suffer in a way.

Take this for example if your body is happy ALL THE TIME, then it is at high temperatures all the time. This makes your body work harder on keeping you cool, and makes it work harder to keep up with your mental situation. Conversely if your body is up to the task and ready to seize the day, but your mind is cloudy and unclear, then you are like a speeding train without a driver. Only left to crash and burn.

A heart monitor in a hospital is another example, it goes up and it goes down, but if it were to flat line then you would be dead. The point is you must have the highs and lows of it in sync or else you will perish. The balance of the heart isn’t when it is flat, but rather when both the highs and the lows are symmetrical.

The power to keep your life in balance comes from within, and the life you are waiting for is there for the taking. All you have to do is keep your life in balance and the path will become clear.


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