Terra [Earth 2.0]

There are people all over this small blue world, yet the large variety of persons and cultures is enormously vast. From the day we mastered fire to the day the fire masters us, our world is ours to cherish. The problem is with the population increasing at such a rate as it does, we may dwindle this beautiful planet to dust. Many scientists call Earth our spaceship through the stars, with us being the passengers. In some ways it is, and just like with a ship made from metal, our natural ship needs it’s maintenance.

People like this man who is cleaning up our oceans, are what we need more of:

His start-up is a truly inspiring ambition and dedication to behold. This is the type of feeling I get when I imagine the United Living Construct in its physical form. We have many steps to take as a planetary structure. The grand scale of this makes the United Nations look like baby steps. We are prepared for vengeance of mother nature when the time comes, but only in unity and peace. Think of it as this, if you fighting with your next door neighbor about something simple and it starts to hail. While you’re fighting the children and pets go out to the yard, would it be better to keep fighting while the hail plummets down, or would it better to grab them and get inside where it is safe? Of course the latter, for its common sense to protect the innocents. Yet daily our world as a whole decides to bicker whilst the future generations (children), and the planetary animal ecosystem collapses (pets). At our very current rate, we may not even see more than a couple of generations more. With energy consumption at an all time high, and production dwindling, population increases around the world, and economies breaking under centuries old systems fail in the new age.

Democracy is a dream, a failing one at that, for a government that is run “by the people for the people”, but is neither of those every other election, is a failed one. With electoral votes being more important than the votes of the people, and the country trying to spread it’s interests all over, without taking care of its own problems, everything crumbles.

Our education system is sub-par in this day in age, and when we need it the most we won’t have it at all. All due to the current form of government.

We need to change this before the hailstorm comes, for our children and animals will suffer if we don’t. All around us is the potential for change, all we need to do is enact it. Opportunity knows no bounds, and if you look hard enough you will always see the light at the end of the tunnel. Do this and when the hail comes we will fall into the ashes of Earth, as a phoenix we will rise, and greet a new world before us.

Terra will be Earth reincarnate (figuratively).

Thanks for reading! -Dustin


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