Life is a Miracle that YOU Make Happen

I was going through old photos and I realized something. Life is solely just experiences, everyday, every hour, and every single minute is an adventure you will never get to have again. Even the smallest detail could impact your life in an epic way.
This is why people always say to live life to the fullest, yolo, or carpe diem. If your life is just experiences then why not make them the coolest and most exploratory as you can? Making yourself mindful is the first step towards that, but actually stopping and looking at the moment in front of you. It is a surreal feeling that overwhelms you, almost gives you shivers just in the thought of that moment, that second will never happen again.
Enjoy your moments, the experiences, the time spent with family and friends. Hell the time spent with enemies because who knows maybe in a year or decade they might be your best friend and you will look back on the feuds you once had.
When you’re old and withering you will look back upon your life and see every single shining moment, and every pitfall you encounter. Just make sure it is worth remembering!

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