Stop Talking About “Shit”

I’ve rather refrained from cursing on here, but that was the word I wanted to use for this post. I am a person who speaks freely, somethings that are said are crude, and without thinking. Other times my words are created with as much manipulation as a chess master. It depends on the situation.

Most of the things people talk about is of less than crucial in nature, they don’t express their emotions, and they don’t convey their intentions. They just let “shit” words fill their sentences, and the commonality to these words makes them less influential, and even unnecessary to even speak.

It is tiring when people start blabbering on and on about tedious words. These conversations are a waste, and maybe its my deep introverted side finally coming out, but the logic behind these pointless conversations, or lack there of, is idiotic. It is my believe that people should say what is on their mind, and believe behind their own words. There is sometimes where I creep people out with my honesty, and there is other times (more often than not) where my words help inspire and motivate people to literally do great things. In my experience the reward greatly outweighs the risk.

Speak your mind and let your intentions be known, for the opportunities that rise when you make those deeper connections with people (from your honesty), are quite something to behold. #opportunist

Speak from the heart, and reach for the opportunities ahead!! -Dustin


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