The Parallels of the Universe

Over the past few months I have increasingly seen the monumental idea and realization that the entire universe, from the minuscule atom to the colossal galaxy clusters, there is a balance.

Duality is a concept in religion that is commonly refereed to, a good example being good and evil, or Ying and Yang. The thing is that duality is apparent in every aspect of life and conversely death.

From the psychological perspective with extroversion and introversion, to the fundamental charges of positive and negative nature. (Protons and electrons for example). It is my notion that these said charges or energies encompass all of life and existence itself. Possibly the reason as to why we have good and evil in the first place. This possibility could lead us into new realizations as to how the universe works as a whole.

A lot of astrophysicists and astronomers repeatedly describe the outer space as being filled with invisible substances called “Dark Energy” and “Dark Matter”. This darkness that fills our universe’s void, greatly surpasses the amount of matter, and I guess we could say “Light Energy”. now maybe this is my imagination going astray, but what if there was a completely different, or rather “opposite” side to the universe. One that we have not even seen before, let alone even comprehend, for it could have different physical reactions to the laws of physics as we currently know them.

Theoretically lets say this parallel side of matter has its own parallels to what we commonly know; such as instead of a sun the dark matter regions have, what is also theoretical, but known as a cold star. A cold star gives cold instead of heat, as you would guess. Perhaps even the gravity would impact the dark matter in an opposite manner. Lets say that with matter gravity makes it fall down, but with dark matter it makes it fall up!

These are all speculations and theories, but food for thought nonetheless! I hope they sparked an idea in you, and that you share it with the rest of us!

As always thanks for reading! -Dustin


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