The Worth in Being Worthless

Your thoughts on wisdom could possibly even be inherently faulted. Perhaps though conversely you could be the wisest person to have lived. Its all about how you approach life and it’s challenges.



“The man is wisest who realizes that his wisdom is worthless.”


How can wisdom be worthless?

Perception is Key here… what is wisdom to you might not be wisdom at all to another.

Is there such a thing as wisdom?

Is it worthless because we will never trulyKNOW?

Is worthless a negative aspect? Rather something you might actually want to obtain?

This is just a short example of why I call myself  –>  Truth Seeker.

& Yes; I do realize that my journey might not ever end..

But that is the Beauty of it all.


-Truth Seeker

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3 thoughts on “The Worth in Being Worthless

  1. BUT, one can not claim to be the wisest or even be able to have awareness of his/her own wisdom without there being a concrete way to truly define absolute wisdom. Since wisdom’s definition is not universal, to me, it can never truly and wholly exist. Thanks for the Re-Blog..

    -Truth Seeker

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