Philosophy Thoughts: Dating

It seems people, mainly teenagers, have a false perception of what dating is supposed to be. Dates are really made in two categories fun and serious, sometimes they’re both. Generally it depends on the age of the individuals too. Fun dates are what a lot of people go on for getting to know each other, but still also having a good time. Serious dates are for people who want a deep relationship or even marriage. A lot of 3rd dates and on-wards are like this.

The thing is that dating is supposed be fun no matter what, it is a way for you to connect with someone, even a spouse who you have known for a long time. A way to create an experience to envelope you into their world. A lot of time married couples forget that.

First dates are overly complicated nowadays, for they are just simple experiences to get to know another person a bit more, even if you two end up just being friends. Dating someone doesn’t necessarily mean you two will get together, just purely that you are interested in someone enough to get to know them.

I’ve been in situations where I’ve dealt with all of these said situations above, except for marriage of course! I tend to be quite gregarious with people in the first place, so dates are quite fun. The difference is even though I go in with the thought of going out as a friends, or a potential partner, I leave having had a FUN time. I take them seriously though, and that what I want to convey, is that there doesn’t have to be a separation between the two.


Dates in general are a great way to get to know one another, so you should try to have a date with someone you’ve been wanting to meet! Milkshake dates have always been great, but they have been declining in recent decades; lets bring them back!

As always thanks for reading! -Dustin


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