Technology Thoughts: Momentum (Google Chrome)

Here is a long over due segment called “Technology Thoughts”, for the U.L.C. Blog is about BOTH Philosophy and Technology. About time we prove that with this.

Momentum is a new tab page for the web browser Google Chrome, made for productivity, made for you.

I’ve been using it for quite some time, and even haven’t been using all of its features, which include:

Time management, motivational quotes (daily), inspirational backgrounds (daily), to do lists, weather (configuration setup was weird), and finally a links list. I find that the links to be the most useful. As an ULCian, I decided to become an Autodidact (self-learner), and this list has let me be able to save all of my learning sites in one place. I go to them everyday, and learn various things, and ponder many others.

Here is a screenshot from my personal new tab page:


This new tab page is one of many I tried out to find the best portal to the internet, and it has come through for me. I even uninstalled it a while back and tried out another, then CAME BACK to it, for it was just so much better.

Momentum can be found here


As always thanks for reading! Let me know what you think of this new segment! -Dustin


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