Life Throws a Mean Right Hook

As a technologically inclined person I use devices like my phone and laptop quite often. Saying this they are quite important to me, and they allow me to even post on this blog in the first place.

Today I learned quite a valuable lesson, one that came out of nowhere and will stay with me forever.

Here is the story.

When I awoke this morning I knew what the day was going to be with work, blog, and what not. I readied myself then proceeded to work. During my shift my socialization side blossomed, and I felt quite content with being gregarious. I was getting in a better and better mood. During this my inspiration and motivation for the U.L.C. was growing even more, which is surprising, for as of late I’ve been quite low on inspiration. Any I do have has tended to go towards the U.L.C. as a book.

On one of my highest moments of happiness I was using my phone for a variety of  things. I place my phone on the table in front of me, and I leave for a moment. I come back still enthralled about the future, and the U.L.C. etc. I was distracted with my thoughts, and I reached for my phone. Not really realizing my grip was poor, and it slid off the table face down.

The screen shattered.

Mind you I’ve always used Nokia devices, and they have always been extremely tough, even smartphones. This shocked me, and railed my thoughts.

My joyride of happiness had come to an abrupt end, and I was encased with turmoil. I know this may seem as a simple case of bad luck. Which it may be, but the point of it is that this device, even an entry-level phone, was one of two of my portals to the internet.

To me this wasn’t just an accident, it was a punch to the face from life. A realization that you can’t just have your highs, without the lows to follow. I’ve said before life is a like a roller coaster, but now I have an even greater understanding of that. The pure shock of it gave me the widely known philosophical idea that nothing will last forever. I went day-to-day with my device, using it constantly for music, tech news, whatever. The Buddhist idea of attachment comes into play here. Being attached to so many material things, brought me nothing but suffering in the end. Perhaps at the end we could relish the memories of books, tech, and clothes. The stuff we have, we own, and what we hold dear, solely hold us down. Sure our lives now are better, maybe even later, but in the end we allow our happiness to be controlled by these things.

I’m not sure what I will decide to do, but this idea that I heard time and time again, now actually rings in my head. Makes me see my furniture, my clothes, my life in a new way. Hopefully by sharing this maybe you all will see the truth too.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope it rings in you too. -Dustin


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