Philosophy Thoughts: Attraction

As a society we are highly secretive, and would rather not disclose our own emotions to anyone. Why do we do this? A simple question, without a prominent answer to think of, for why do we really keep things secret? Its not like telling someone that we like their hat, will hurt us in some way. Or in situations where you are attracted to another person. Why do we even hesitate to tell them of our attraction to them? Everybody spends their days wondering if someone out there sees them for who they are, and to like them. It is our psychological need for acceptance.

Not only that, its not like we live forever, and someday they will just find out. No. You could die tomorrow, or the next day. On your death bed wouldn’t you have rather them know you cared about them so?

Attraction is our innate need to breed and continue life yes, but it is also love. That love that just makes our lives so much more worthwhile.

#makeachange and tell that crush or spouse just how much you care about them.

Thanks for reading! -Dustin


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