Courage and the Future

Here is an inspirational article on the journey of life, and of courage. The sheer amount of courage it takes to change your life will be great, but worth it.

“radical breaks with who you thought you were, and the future you identify with, are indeed possible—at times even necessary—if you just have the courage to feel and respond.” I do not plan on staying the same me in my life, I want to better, stronger, faster, nicer, compassionate, and most importantly being a person who WILL make a defining change in the world.

Day by day I increasingly realize that I cannot possibly completely my dreams, and create them into reality, if I stay here. I have vast plans, and some that will be monumental in scale, but I want to nothing else in life. I want to see the world, learn, live, love, and purely enjoy the roller coaster we call life.

There is just way too much to experience in the world to stay where you grow up.

Make a Change


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