Philosophy Thoughts: Modern Renaissance People

I’ve never felt a need to follow in the footsteps of my predecessors. Perhaps that has to do with my age, or with my generation. Personally I feel it is neither for I am who I am. The realm of power and control is consumed with single-minded people, all of which followed the footsteps of nobody. My only problem with that is the control part. As much as our human mind actively wants control in life, we should not control one another. There is a common misconception of power, as if it was bad. Hell even myself has fallen into that misconception from time to time.


Power is the source for your actions and movements.

Without it you would not be able to #makeachange at all. I believe there is many different ways to get power, and many different kinds of power as well. One in particular is self developed power. Something I know well firsthand. Lets give an example, the famous polymath and idol of mine, Leonardo Da Vinci.

This man was the epitome of the idea of being a renaissance man. “Whose areas of interest included invention, painting, sculpting, architecture, science, music, mathematics, engineering, literature, anatomy, geology, astronomy, botany, writing, history, and cartography.” -Wikipedia

If that’s not a polymath then I don’t know what is. He had that self drive and self POWER, to aim to extreme personal heights. He was never satisfied with the common norm. A feeling I think a lot of you following this blog, would relate to. It is this feeling that drives this blog, that drives me. I do this in hope to find even more people like all of you, and create a group of like-minded individuals. In a whole that can use our self driven power, in unison, which together is more powerful than anything else. If you’re following this blog, then that is just one example of the self power to find a new step in life. A step away from the social conventions. That is the self power I like to see, and want to see more of in each of you.

Stand up, become your own modern renaissance person, reach for different heights. Even if the people around you falter in your wake, try to bring them up, if they can’t then follow your own self drive. #modernrenaissancepeople #MRP

Make a change in your life, make yourself into a renaissance person. #makeachange

As always thanks for reading! -Dustin


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