The Loss of a Titan Spirit [Tribute]

I was going to write a couple posts about the U.L.C. itself, but something devastating has occurred. Anthony “Kaos” Olson, the other author for the blog, and a truly close friend of mine, has passed away.

This man had the spirit of a titan, and the out look on life of a grand scale. He was a friend to some, brother to others, mentor, etc. For me he was all of the above. He was a person I knew I could count on, and who I could talk to about purely anything, and we had spent hours discussing philosophy. I have known him since I was a wee child, and he has guided me in a light so bright, it will forever be in my life. I was able to come up with the concrete idea of the United Living Construct because of him. Without him I’m not sure how I will maneuver this endeavor. Even though he had not written many post, quite literally all of them were influenced by his sheer wisdom. There were times where I could not figure out what to do, and his wisdom guided me to the next step. These philosophical insights will forever be in my heart. Even as I write this I feel terrible sadness, which is something I haven’t let myself feel in quite some time. Always trying to be a strong-minded individual I faced sad situations by looking at the bright side.


Even at the hardest moments, ones where I want to break down and cry for my friend. I find myself reminded of various philosophies he shared with me. Some of which pertain to the very feelings I feel. One of the hardest things to wrap my head around too, is the permanent nature of this event. My sadness is deep, I feel it penetrating my heart, and the ironic thing is that he would the very person I would go to for help on this situation.

Anthony was a great man, and so many people adored him. He had a kindness that was unique, and a mind that articulated grand ideas. As a person who admired freemasonry and philosophy he had many interests that spanned a variety of different things. His fraternity Acacia even is putting together a memorial scholarship in his honor so his legacy will always live on that way.

We both had nicknames that had a bit of duality to it. He was always known as “Kaos”, and conversely we created a name for me “Ordrr”. As in Chaos and Order. A bit of humor and the idea of the balance of life. One cannot exist without the other, but as long as he is in our hearts, then he exists.

His legacy will NOT be forgotten, for I will do everything in my power to cherish his memory and life. He will stay with me for the rest of my life. I hope his memory could even be in your thoughts as well. Think about someone who’s inner light is so blinding that you can’t help but smile. Then remember this man.

A person of philosophy, kindness, devotion, sincerity, happiness, and of course spirit.

The United Living Construct will forever remember Anthony as an ULCian, teacher, and a titan.


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