The Monumental Capacity of an ULCian

We are the ones that will be remembered.

Followers of the United Living Construct I tell you now, that the U.L.C. is a grand ambition. Far greater than just a philosophy/technology blog. The sheer amount of potential is greater than what you can see now. We belong to something so monumental, for when it happens it will rock Terra (The Earth), to its very core.

Although there was many reasons to have started this blog, one of the biggest, was to unite like-minded individuals. Once we are together we will have the strength to #makeachange in any way necessary. At the moment I do not know much about the people following, but I hope that soon we can know each other well. In fact if you have any questions, thoughts, ideas, anything. Here is my personal email:

Please feel free to discuss anything with me, and just to be safe please don’t send unsolicited offers! I trust you ULCians!


Currently I am trying to advance myself mentally, physically, and spiritually. (Emotionally I am at a good state as of now). As an autodidact I learn on my accord, and learn what I wish to learn. Using the app Duolingo I am practicing Spanish, learning French/Italian, and Esperanto. Esperanto is interesting as it is an international auxiliary language. Many people around the world in a large variety of countries speak it. Although it is currently not an official language. Though I feel why don’t we change that? It is a very unique and fun language.

I also keep my physique in pristine condition to the best of my ability. I also read as much as I can, even more so than I have in the past. So much to learn!

We have such potential as a species, and I can only hope that the rest of the world realizes that soon. I believe that the simple fact that you follow this blog, proves that you see the same fact.

No matter what brought you here, I am glad to have been able to write for you, and I hope to continue!

Thanks for reading! -Dustin


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