Philosophy Thoughts: Don’t Confine to Social Standards [Personal Rant]

I think people still need to realize I do not advocate common ideals of social norms. In a day and age where communication is prominent and in dire need of change. I stand on the side of change. There is a shift in the near future, and people still hold back, and they are going to have to fight that shift.

That shift is going to be a change in interpersonal connection. If you can’t keep up…..survival of the fittest. Though in this case, its emotional intelligence being the key factor of being “fit”.

I will not, I repeat, will not allow myself to be standardized by social conventions. If I want to be direct with my intentions instead of being “polite”, then so damn be it. If I want to hug a stranger, who most likely wouldn’t be a stranger afterwards, then I will.

If I want to talk to any person, then I will.

If I want to court a young lady, instead of Netflix and Chill, then I will.

Life is what you make it, and what you make of it will be your life.

Don’t hinder your own life path, but following what other people think is the “proper” way to communicate.


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