ULCian’s Are the Pinnacle of Humanity

ULCians are the people who strive to be the best they can be of themselves, and they end up being the best of what humanity contains as a whole.

We are beings of perfected attributes, although we are not perfect. If we strive to be perfect, then our task would be to change our society to be perfect. Perfection is unbalanced, and there would be no life to live.

We aim to be the best well-balanced person we can be. We follow the four main pillars of life: Mind, Body, Spirit, and Emotion. We are brilliant, yet humble about our genius. We are fit, but not bulky, for muscle strength is greater when trained not grand in size (i.e. The Rock compared to a Martial Arts Master). We are spiritual, but not religious, faith can be blinding but also can be a guiding light (we are mindful about the fine line between the two). Finally we are in tune and in control of our emotions, as they are our expression of the three other pillars. They must be focused, not thrown about.

Leonardo Da Vinci was a man who understood these concepts well. If he was alive today he would be a prime example of what an ULCian could become. He used his five senses to extend his pillars of life. He was in tune with his senses, and in turn was in tuned with his life. He acted rash at times, and let his emotions to get the best of him, but was aware of this in the moment it happened. Not just after the fact. Over his years he became a far greater man than all of his peers. He controlled his emotions, he kept his physique in shape even into his 70’s, he was spiritual about life itself and the many wonders of nature. His curiosity shaped his beliefs and his mind itself. There is no doubt he is one of the brightest humans to have ever lived.  “The five senses are the ministers of the soul.” -Leonardo

We can use this man as the epitome of the potential we all possess. Use him as a guideline to life, a path to shape our own personal pillars. No matter how united we become, we are all alone in our own paths of life. We can only hope to aid one another as best as we can. We are the citizens of the United Living Construct.

Take control of your senses, and you will be one step closer to personal unification of the pillars of life. Take your world by the call of life itself!

As always thanks for reading! -Dustin


6 thoughts on “ULCian’s Are the Pinnacle of Humanity

    1. Yes exactly. I’m glad you stumbled across this! May I ask how you saw the U.L.C.? So I know what to repeat. One of the main goals was to find like minded people like you.

      Renaissance people is a great way to think about it actually.

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