There Is A World Shift Coming

There are many reasons as to why the U.L.C. posts are written the way that they are. One crucial one is that there is a global change about to happen, for better or for worse. If we keep going on the path we are now, we are going to get knocked down by life. Trampled by the consequences of our actions as a race. We are destroying Terra, nature, animals, and each other in all.

The alternative is to essentially awaken. Now of course it would be perfect if we all achieved enlightenment, or spiritual awakening. Then the world would go towards a path of pure light and hope. Reality is that it won’t, even when the U.L.C. is successful, I have my doubts that this will happen. Though we CAN, and most likely will, awaken as a race and realize the opportunities we have for peace. It is our job to make that happen faster. Speed up the process if you will. We’ve said before that we are the beacons of light to shine the path ahead for the people around us. Be the pinnacle of what humanity can be, and so that the rest can strive to achieve our level. #getonourlevel #makeachange

We have the potential for greatness, but what is potential without the willingness to change. Recently, I say recently but it’s really the past couple years, I encountered a person I rather dislike. For me I don’t generally dislike anybody, it’s quite against my nature as a person. The reason this happened was because of the pettiness and anti-thought this person is. This person prevents growth, not only in themselves but in others as well. The person has held back MANY people from growing as an individual. This as a person of change, irritates me greatly. Sure there are positive qualities to this person, as there are in all people. Although someone like this hinders the growth of people, almost as if they were a beacon of darkness, shadowing our efforts of light. That is not saying they are evil in a way, but they do contribute to evil. Albeit unknowingly.

The picture above is strong, it depicts the duality of the universe, which is so strong. It also shows two of the possible paths for humanity ahead. We could head down a path of darkness and corruption, or a path of enlightenment and tranquility.

The future is up to you, and to us as a group. The United Living Construct is a construct of people living in unison and light. It is the beacon of hope to guide the world through the upcoming shift. Prepare yourselves and the people around you. #prepare

Thank you for reading! -Dustin Mike


3 thoughts on “There Is A World Shift Coming

  1. Powerful! There are far too many people who are holding humanity back from achieving what we’re truly capable of. Greed, hatred, spite those things run the world at the moment. Change is indeed necessary.

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    1. I think everyone at some point, and to some degree KNOWS theres a change coming. My goal is to shift that change towards the positive outcome. It can go either way, and that really doesn’t happen too often in history. Its like the game Skyrim, you can choose whichever side for the war but the outcome will change the future dramatically.


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