Philosophy Thoughts: Balance of Kindness

This is a most I must implore you all to reply on, as external input would be greatly appreciated. I find myself perplexed on a certain idea/topic, and I believe it would be a profound focal point for discussion.

That point being, the balance of being kind and being assertive. Aggressive and passive are quite honestly primitive traits, that most people (even myself at certain times) tend to fall back upon. It’s in our flight or fight response mechanism. The thing is it is growing more and more apparent that assertiveness and compassion are the two paths to follow. Often times being one and the same. Speaking of which, they are the fine line between passive/aggressive. The middle way, that leads to true success and prosperity. The ULCian path I would go as far to say.

This path is the hardest to achieve, but is the ONLY logical and compassionate one to follow. It feels as if common sense to realize, but to  actually implement is one of the hardest challenges one person has to face. We all face it too, which makes it crazy to think about how hard we are on one another. My predicament is that in my youth I was impulsive and had a temper, over the years I grew more mindful and that temper completely dissipated. I do think though that my path has, at this moment, shifted opposite. I am too passive in my maneuvers, quite honestly I can be assertive or be a leader, but my interpersonal approach has grown too passive. I worry that people would try to stomp upon me, which as all of you may feel the same, is something that is unacceptable. There are times to let the other person win, as you will win in another manner. Do this too often and you become passive.

You are what you make yourself to be, and we will talk more about this in the future, but if you are passive too many a time, or conversely too aggressive. Then that is what you become. It is the balance between the two that make you a walker of the middle path.

It is the balance that creates someone into an ULCian. We are the creators of our own balance, and it is our job to remember that. Only so that we may implement it in our lives.

I hope my point was conveyed properly and in a way that you may add your thoughts upon the matter.

Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope there was a spark of insight you can share with us.

This is one of the main premises of the blog is to share the like-minded knowledge we all possess, although some knowledge may not yet be known by all ULCians yet! 😉



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