Philosophy Thoughts: United Living Construct

Finally we get to this point! This is a tipping point, and I had hoped we would get here sooner, alas the passing of a titan hindered my spirit. This is part of a twin post, the other coming tomorrow, all about the United Living Construct itself. Just like with the balance of life being between too much and too little. There is a balance to the U.L.C. between Technology and Philosophy. In the recent months it has leaned too much on one side, the philosophy. Which was fine for now, as we needed to express the U.L.C.’s philosophical code and ideals. Now we need to make a step towards the physical representation of the U.L.C. binding that code in life.

Although we are far off from physically creating it, we will wrap our minds around the path we shall take in order to do so, for our combined intellect should suffice to say the least. This two-part post will transition from more philosophy oriented posts to technology.

The few tech posts we had in the past were about devices that we felt would make an impact or ripple in
our world’s standards. Such as a phone deemed as the “flagship killer”, or a device that can track your movement in order to immerse yourself greater in computers. We will expand upon that in the near

Philosophy is purely common knowledge, just not commonly known. Simple idea yet most people can’t wrap their head around some fundamental concepts.

We are going to go through some of the concepts the United Living Construct has talked about in the past (with links to their relative posts).


You all are the groundbreaking start to something big. The U.L.C. is no mere step towards philosophy, it will be a guiding light transcending far barriers of belief and borders. Our actions today will change the outcome of tomorrow, for better or for worse.


We have to realize that there is a duality to the entire universe, that we cannot change what so ever, solely trail along and hope for the best. Well hoping isn’t enough, for we must tread the middle path between both sides. The parallels of good and evil, ying and yang, and of light and dark, are too substantial to be left unnoticed. A majority of the universe is filled with particles and energy we literally know next to nothing about. Even the matter that we DO know of, we barely understand it as well.


We are the beacons of light that will shine through the darkness around us. Hopefully avoiding dark times ahead, for we could very well be the people who change the world forever! We must be the pinnacle of humanity, the very example of what humans can become and achieve. The four pillars of life shall forever be remembered. Mind, body, Spirit, and Emotion. The latter being the binding force of the previous trifecta. We are the well-balanced person between all pillars, enabling us to reach for greater heights ever thought possible. The modern renaissance person if you will.


We must learn from the past, as that is what created us to be what we are today, the present moment. Last night actually I was talking with a philosopher about a ray. What we call right now, is the present. It is the end of the past, but the beginning of the future. The current moment is the bridge of time, and we must realize this, or we will forever be lost. Learn from the past, and remember those who are no longer with us. I will forever remember my friend, mentor, and brother in life, Anthony Kaos Olson. He was a man with a spirit of a titan. Lets all look towards the future together, and be mindful of the now.


Remember the upcoming world shift. It is coming, and it will change EVERYTHING. It is up to the world to decide if that is for the better or for the worse. I can only hope we can #makeachange soon enough to make sure it is filled with prosperity.

Phoenix rising from Planet Earth - 212Earth_recycle

The changing of the balance will commence, we must be ready for that to happen. We must be ready to be the guiding light, shining the road ahead. Shine bright ULCians!!

These are the philosophy thoughts of the United Living Construct.

As author and leading philosopher of the U.L.C. I thank you for reading, and for following this blog thus far. Stay with us for the next chapter of our lives, and for more technology posts ahead! (There will be some philosophy scattered here and there, until the point where both are posted equally!)

Thanks! -Dustin Mike U.L.C.


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