Technology Thoughts: United Living Construct

Creating a physical construct of a philosophical ideal, is no mere task. Alas that is what lies before us.

We are the binding glue that we keep our fractured world together, and we will guide Terra into a new era of peace. Humans are destined to keep fighting but we can be the facilitator of peace for this age, and create a new way of thinking among everyone. People are so cynical nowadays they have lost their hopeful eye for the future. We have such a sheer amount of potential its amazing to even think about, let alone experience. I mean we sent a man to the moon with technology with less capacity than your average smart phone. Nowadays mobile devices are multitudes more powerful, and yet we use them for Angry birds(TM) or Facebook(TM).

Is this the potential of humanity? No it cannot be, our minds are so infinitely complex that we can create whatever comes to mind. “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.” –William Arthur Ward

Our ever-expanding knowledge may surpass our current level of technology. People worry about what technology can do to harm us, but do we truly realize what it could possibly do for us instead? Sure we know what we have now, but do we really see the possibilities ahead? I fear that our negative outlook as a planet hinders our accomplishments.

We create what we want to create essentially. The U.L.C. is what I want to create, and it has ALWAYS been my vision to do so. I only hope it can be our vision as well. In order for that to happen let me explain this ever-growing passion. Bare with me here as I have to open up to all of you!

I envision a gleaming city, lush, and modernly designed. With sustainable systems up-keeping itself. A large tower shining bright in the middle. With buildings ranging from a communal cafeteria, to a variety of centers. Health, commerce, and official. I feel government is too strong of a name, more of a democratic union, working together for the betterment of the planet. Technology apparent in all manner of forms, but NOTHING to instill a thought of “big brother” watching. Purely an automated, yet monitored, system in place to document any harmful events. Think the city from Guardians of the galaxy, where people were walking in the sunlight, and were living the way they wanted.

This city will house the like-minded individuals who will live together in a peaceful way. No previous agitations will hinder our personal, and unified growth. This city will be a beacon of light and prosperity for the world to follow. We can’t instill a new way of living globally at first, we must show them that it can be done.

I know this sounds like a naive dream, but the possibilities are endless. We REALLY have the potential to make this a reality, no one can deny that. It’s purely the mentality of saying “Oh that’s just a fantasy.”, over “We can actually do this.” This city will instill the four pillars of life into an easy way to live, nothing shoved down people’s throats like overbearing religions. The power of human choice is prevalent here. If a person who doesn’t believe in the same ideals as we do, but just so happens to live within them, is welcome.

Violence wouldn’t be tolerated, but will also cease to happen. We are a peaceful community, although one fair point to make. We shall not be an organization to be pushed over. I do believe in a defense system to be in place, but created based off of the people themselves. Perhaps a militia of sorts? All of the full details shall be decided upon communal discussions in the future!

A city of culture, prosperity, and creation.

A picture to peak your interest in the possibilities ahead. A design render for the U.L.C. isn’t complete as of now.

I want a society unlike ANY other before, not a democracy, communist, or socialist nation. Something new, and we sure as hell have not thought of everything yet, as some people are lead to believe. Too many people are stuck in the ideas of the past, most of which could never have predicted the level of technology we possess.

I hope to go into further detail on the technology ideas in future posts, there are ideas for inventions we haven’t even discussed yet. The opportunities are endless!



A little detail explanation in the logos. The design was based on two ideas: Nature and Technology. Two vastly different sides of humanity, that aren’t actually so different after all. The unison they can create under the influence of people, is great. Tech can increase natural capacity, and nature can power the tech itself. A symbiotic system of grand proportions. In the logos I wanted to show this, with Grey symbolizing the technology, and Green being the natural. “United” being the glue between the two, “Living” being the natural foundation, and “Construct” being the technical aspect. Nature is the root of philosophy internal. This purely goes to show the duality of the U.L.C. and why we aim to “Innovate Technology and Ideology”.

Join us on this grand endeavor that will change the very foundation of the planet Terra. We are the guiding light that will lead to peace. Help me create the vision in a physical state.

Thank you for reading! -Dustin Mike U.L.C.


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