Technology Thoughts: The Human Brain

The brain, one of the most complex and powerful devices humanity has to offer, yet it is either weak or strong in some.. Why must this be? Genetics make up only a fraction of our IQ and other varieties of intelligence. Why are some people smarter than others? This is because what the individual decides to do. If you apply yourself to learning, and training, you can be more intelligent. It’s not mere fantasy, people have been doing it forever, and I have been doing it for over a year now.

Here is a quick read that is quite the motivator.

You can yourself become limitless, but it takes the will to do it. Unlike TV shows or movies, there isn’t a quick getaway card. You have to strive your way through, but that isn’t a bad thing. Just like with your body, you must workout your mind.

Mental Activity:

A little tip, try Tetris!

I love how it truly makes my concentrate, and to be quite honest there is this tingling you get in the front of your head when you are deeply focused, and into the game. It is a unique feeling to say the least, I presume it has to do with the level of brain waves.

It is my believe and scientific estimate that I was in the Gamma level, albeit for a short time. I was able to anticipate the block trajectory, and move my fingers on the keyboard at expert level accuracy. I started getting very good at the game for a time, although the brain can only get so good until you hit a plateau and at that point you must move on to a new challenge.

Physical Activity:

Other than training mentally, physical activity has a profound impact on mental performance. We talked about the balance between the four pillars, but the unity between the brain and the body is enormous. When your body is in great condition it allows better blood flow and oxygen levels. Thereby increasing the amount of the previously mention blood/oxygen to the brain, increasing performance.

When you workout your mind gets active, and depending on the type of routine you do, the different kind of active your mind becomes.

Try doing some push ups, a min of planks, and however many reps you do with push ups do mountain climbers. One rep for each leg.

In all cases it is important to workout both the body and mind equally and constantly. The more so you do the better off you will be in old age.

Spiritual Activity:

Just as there is a balance between the body and mind, the trifecta is not complete without the spirit. Your inner being resonates and communicates with your body by your mind. A bridge of sorts, and if that bridge is in disrepair or hindered in some way, then the communication is faltered or ceases entirely.

Meditation is a prime activity for this endeavor. It helps repair the bridge and increases spiritual, emotional, and self-awareness ten fold.

A simple way to try it would be to cross your legs, straighten your back, close your eyes either all the way or squinted barely. Focus on your breathing to be slow and controlled. Imagine a white background in your mind to keep away from distractions.

All of these together will increase your mental capacity. Perhaps even IQ, and before you ask the brain is one of the most sophisticated technologies in the world. That is why it gets a spot under Technology Thoughts!

Thanks for reading and more posts to come! Give us feedback about what you want to read in the future!!



2 thoughts on “Technology Thoughts: The Human Brain

    1. Its really a layer upon layer philosophy. The duality of the mind/body. The trifecta of Mind, body, and Spirit. Then the four pillars of life, emotions bind the trifecta togetehr.


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