Technology Thoughts: Original E.P.C.O.T. (Disney’s Utopia)

We’ve talked before about Disney’s Tomorrow land, which was both a movie and a park concept. A futuristic city (at least in the movie) that thrived on innovation, creativity, and unity. You might think, I see where you’re going with this, for it sounds a lot like the U.L.C. physical conception.

It was supposed to be a “city of tomorrow”. Some call the idea a utopia, and others a dystopia. Lets look at Disney’s ideology here: He dreamed of a city where technology would lead, and the people could work together for greater innovation. People could come and work in the city in exchange for rent and always having the latest tech.

That idea sounds pretty damn good to me, especially coming a techie like myself.

” Its purpose was to be a “community of the future” designed to stimulate American corporations to come up with new ideas for urban living.”       -

It was called “Project X”. It was a unique endeavor and would have made profound ripples in innovation and governmental processes. As with the change in technology the philosophy behind the city would have stayed the same. “Everything in this room will change time and time again as we move ahead. But the basic philosophy of what we’re planning for Disney World is going to remain very much as it is right now”. This is one concept I desperately want all of you to realize for the U.L.C. that no matter how much the U.L.C. changes, the philosophy behind it will not.

Imagine a city with individuals that live on the ideals of the four pillars. People who are mindful about their mind/body/spirit/emotions and train themselves to be the best they can be. Everyone is supported in that endeavor, as we all are in the same shoes. The city only channels that ideals into a physical and technological way. With these heightened individuals, creativity and innovation comes naturally. We are able to create so much more.

This article greatly describe’s Disney’s city in a written picture.

“Walt Disney had one foot in the past, because he loved nostalgia, and one foot in the future, because he loved new technology,”

We must remember the setbacks and conquers of the past, but also look forward to the future triumphs. Even if we fail now, we could truly win at the next step. This isn’t a story of a utopia failed at creation. It is a story of a man who dreamed of a future where paradise existed, technology and nature working together. With us being the natural element. There is no reason why wouldn’t have the capability to create these ideas.

Moving on a little bit from E.P.C.O.T. it seems that many great minds and philosophers dreamed of a city similar to each other.

There was Plato’s Republic, Disney’s Epcot, Tesla’s free energy for the world (which would have needed a new city to provide), etc. What makes this idea come to so many idealist and profound individuals? What causes us to go towards this future city. Even in the past there was Babylon, Rome, New York City, etc. We are taking steps throughout our history towards it. Why can’t we reach it? I know some people hinder our growth. A lot of people blame the Catholics for causing us to be 500 years behind technology wise. For they would constantly silence any and all people who had unique ideas, which are inherently against the religion if they’re unique. This isn’t the only reason though. Some people purely think the world isn’t ready for such a utopia to come into existence.

I fear this idea if I am to be honest. I want to create U.L.C. city, its my dream and passion, and I can only hope it would change the world. Perhaps it solely unites people into one place for innovation, and the rest of t he world forgets about us. Perhaps it might be for the best, but we can strive to unite the entire world.

I hope this idea intrigues you, the technological limits could ever expand had this come into fruition. I like to think of a world where it has. Perhaps the U.L.C. could be the end goal for Disney? The city he planned, albeit less strict and confined, would be created.

Thanks for reading! -Dustin U.L.C.


2 thoughts on “Technology Thoughts: Original E.P.C.O.T. (Disney’s Utopia)

  1. If this were to be achieved then we would really transcend as a species. Being surrounded by likeminded individuals will not only make us happier but also the world a better place. Unfortunately there are too many differences amongst ourselves for us to find peace of mind in our current circumstances.


    1. The differences are purely an illusion. Differences like oh you have a different religion than me, or you like this politician other than the one I like. Its the same, just slightly pushed in a alternative way. If this was achieved back when it was concepted it would have most likely failed, and assumed to be a cult or something. Now that we have the tech to create it and the society to fill it with pure intentions. I think it would flourish.


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