World Changing Videos: Lies we See

This is the greatest video I have ever seen, for its monumental message it depicts shouldn’t be taken lightly. It illuminates the vast corporation that the world has become. We are purely acting as a fuel for the world to consume. Money is our transference. There is no light at the end of the tunnel for we aren’t even in the tunnel. The tunnel is an illusion in front of us, that we think we are in. Rather we are in an open field with the freedom to move all around in it. The thing is we don’t know this, we can’t see it. The business behind the world clouds our perception (more ways than one) with the illusion of retirement, travel, life outside of the common work.

We have the capacity to do truly amazing things, yet we confine ourselves to, what essentially is slavery. For what? The promise of tomorrow? We don’t know if tomorrow will even come, and for a lot of the world, it doesn’t. Our sheer potential we possess can allude to many great achievements of the past, but as well to the accomplishments we have yet to do.

There are people all around the world who realize this, they are open to the field, and they see past the clouds. These enlightened folks are purely people who see the world for what it really is currently. That doesn’t mean it will stay this way, but that also doesn’t mean it will change. Only we as people can CHANGE anything. Though if we are vastly separated then there is nothing any of us can do, but if we come together then there is nothing we CANNOT do. Only by coming together can we possibly #makeachange.

Lets help the rest of the world escape the tunnel!


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