Future is a Balancing Act

No matter how much we predict, it seems that change in any form is unpredictable. We still strongly believe that a massive shift will arise sometime in the near future. Whether if that is because of the U.L.C. (with a positive outcome), or by governments and terrorist organizations (with a negative outcome). Is yet to be determined.

Pursuing the grand endeavor that the U.L.C. really is, would be an extreme challenge. The thing is anytime I look to my own future that is what I see myself doing. That is what I truly want to accomplish in my life, with all of you beside me. Standing united and towards the future of innovation. There has to be some path that can facilitate this growth. Normally I would ask my mentor, whom we talked about as being a spirit of a titan, but since his passing I’ve felt particularly lost. I look to all of you now for inspiration!

The world will most likely move on no matter what, unless of nuclear war or similar situation. The amount of world-wide progress, innovation, peace, and so much more are what will change with if the U.L.C. is successful or not. I think we will still head towards the same place within a few centuries, but with the U.L.C. we can shorten that to a century or less. The potential we all possess to #makeachange is monumental if we just realize our capacities.

We are the world changers and we must strive to make a difference if we ever hope to create peace and prosperity. The change we can make will allow us to live in a new way.

People in the United States act as if self entitled, self oriented, behavior will give them good lives. The true happiness comes from spreading it with others. A simple act of kindness can have profound impacts on not just you but everyone else too. Not just the U.S. it seems too. The world has grown into this pile of people climbing over each other, instead of working together to make a ladder. Various religions and philosophies all believe that there is a change coming. One such philosophy is Spirit Science, which talks about a cognitive shift towards compassion. It makes sense truly, for all of this time of war and conflict. It would make sense for us to change towards the opposite. The world needs balance, and if we don’t create it ourselves, we will be swayed into it. It’s the concept of duality, we speak of a lot as well, that never seems to fade. In any religion, philosophy, or even just by looking at your life from your own point of view. You will see balance as a key factor. Rather it be balance of good and evil, light and dark, eating too much or too little, love and hate. I believe that the most important one is the balance of technology and nature. Both are fundamental to our lives.

Our potential to unify each other must be made apparent to anyone and everyone. The only true change comes from within, and so if we ever hope to #makeachange in the world. We must influence others to make a change within themselves. Only then will true balance be achieved, for both the people and for Terra.

As always thanks for reading, and please write a comment below! -Dustin U.L.C.


3 thoughts on “Future is a Balancing Act

  1. Another great post. These ideas that have been a part of our human consciousness since ancient times are only now beginning to take root in the contemporary world. We’re beginning to climb out of the matrix. I share a similar vision. Keep writing!

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