Dr. Seuss The Mad Genius

We’ve talked about Leonardo Da Vinci, we talked about Walt Disney, now it has come for the mad genius that was Dr. Seuss. Ever since childhood I personally felt a strong philosophical connection to him. He had that audacity and eccentricity that resounded with my own. I learned more about him as I got older, even had some lessons in my school with his philosophy as a topic point.

Any of his work can be read as if it is gibberish, but conversely all of his work is read as if it is brilliant.


His work is still a strong staple in the world for philosophers, students, and everyone really. Each of his works has a ‘secret’ meaning behind them, such as the Industrialization in the Lorax. It could really be said about any of them. I adore a book called “Dr. Seuss and Philosophy”, for it really exerts his pure ingenious nature, and thoroughly explains a variety of philosophies.

If you want more try reading this great quote list of his!


As always thanks for reading! Sorry for the delay in posts, as I have been moving!

-Dustin U.L.C.



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