The Scams Plaguing The U.S.

Today has been interesting to say the least, as of late I have been looking for new avenues for revenue. To put it simply a different job to expand my own expertise.

I answered a craigslist ad for a “Natural Born Leader”, I will provide all links so that you all may see for yourself.

I figured hey why not, I would like to #makeachange and this seems like a good path. I corresponded with an individual who for their sake lets name Mr. Gen.


Mr. Gen. talked to me about different problems that was impacting the nation and how we will talk more about it during the conference call. Today was the day for the call, and about a little while ago I finished the call. It seemed to start well and we all shared different aspects of our lives, and it seemed that he cause was important. An endeavor that aligned with the the U.L.C.’s vision. During the call they asked us to watch a video on this site:

Which immediately once started there was red alerts going off in my head, and a techie person I was able to keep the video going. As the people asked me to put the phone next to the PC speaker in order for them to actually hear that I watched it. I then proceeded to look up Isagenix, which is the prime content of the video AD, with the word scam online. A simple way to find out if it is or not, sometimes the product may actually truthful and perhaps there is some good to this product but for $300 for a system that doesn’t really even seem useful for an active person like myself, I was highly skeptical.

The fact that the site at the current moment doesn’t even connect is concerning too.

Keeps telling me that the site is down.

They started with the site called the  “The Call of the Entrepreneur”



I tell you all of this because I wanted you all to look out for scams like these, sure its nice to think that you might be making adifference that way, but its falsse change. I want to personally let you know that the U.L.C. would never consider any behavior like this, or condone it .


Stay vigilant for the world is still quite dangerous, I can only hope we can make a difference around the world, but its scams like this that makes me feel just a little sad inside. Its our strength that will get us through tedious things like this.

As always thanks for reading and remember to make a change without personal gain in mind.

-Dustin U.L.C.


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