Surviving Against Adversity

This blog was created to be a catalyst for change, not only in the world, but in each and every one of us.

Constantly we are all bombarded with  difficult challenges and choices. It the will of the strong that overcomes them. Alas we may not always find the strength to pull ahead. As of late I find myself struggling, which is why the posts on here have been so scarce.

I hate feeling weak, I honestly think it is the only thing  I truly hate in the world. I have always seen hate as a negative obstacle preventing growth. Weakness however is worse it seems. If you are too weak willed to persevere then you cannot possible survive. Don’t fret as for most people this is a temporary situation. It’s only permanent if you choose it to be.

Strength is a choice.


In order to survive until the next day, and against adversity in your life you must develop the inner strength to fight the negativity and doubt in your life.

As of late I have personally been facing adversity on a truly daily basis, and it has taken a plethora of forms from personal fatigue, loss of motivation, to people purposefully getting in my way.

My body aches from the tremendous of pressure I put it under and some of it is necessary for my job, and some of it is for discipline and increasing muscle capacity. Training your body is hard, but its the mind that is truly tough. As we talked about before the Four Pillars are key to being the best you can be (Body, Mind, Spirit, and Emotions). Just because I write this blog doesn’t mean I’ve master these myself, really its a challenge for anyone to master all of them in one lifetime. Today we are focusing on developing that inner strength, which is related to the mind pillar.


One example of pushing yourself is this: About a week ago I was on my way to work, the problem is my body was in so much pain that it was hard to walk. I could even feel my calves trying to give in and collapse. Pushed my body to its limits, but I kept going I told myself that I had to do it. That is the key to surviving. Developing that drive to keep yourself alive.


The song I was listening to had these lyrics that really helped get myself into gear:

“I choose to survive
Whatever it takes

You won’t pull ahead
I’ll keep up the pace
And I’ll reveal my strength
To the whole human race”
As always thanks for reading, and choose to survive!


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