How Technology Needs to Change the World

Technology is truly every where and even in remote places across the globe. We all know those science fiction flicks where at some point the world comes to the realization that coming together and pooling tech together is the right course of action.

When is that point? Generally in the films its because of of some unknown threat. Such as aliens, AI, etc. There are some however that are unified purely by time. When will that be for us, in the  real world ? 20 years, 100 years? Will we last that long?

We need an action plan to enact this unification. Technology can be a burden and may be our downfall, but it is also our catalyst for greatness.


The United Living Construct was created for this purpose, to be the that convergence of technology for people to come together. A “Construct” is a physical form or structure, but it is also a compilation of ideas brought together in a unique way. The U.L.C. is thought of to be both definitions.


Now that we have established the action we need to take, how to we enact this endeavor? It is my estimate that taking about a decade, maybe two,  we must find individuals throughout the world in every country. As we always say “To be Beacons of Light”. Then let it spread from there, and once we have a foot in the door then unite with similar groups in those nations. Now I know you must be thinking this doesn’t sound too technological, alas I am getting to that portion. As I said before technology must serve as the catalyst to this. Using the internet we can stabilize the network in the world through our own organization. Sorry to say but the governments have failed us in keeping the peace. Peace is only brokered when both sides fully understand each other, and if we are both sides then there is nothing to differentiate.


Various pieces of technology already created can be use for great unification. Such as our phones, PC’s, and tablets. All are portals, if you will, to the internet. Using conventional ways of communication such as social medias, and apps could serve as a viable way of interconnection. Even more so than we are now. Although the U.L.C. needs to build an app for multi-platform use, and that is different than common forms of media.

I urge each of you to come up with an idea to help create this application.


The time to be smart about our decisions as a planet is now, Terra cannot keep going like this, and I certainly won’t sit around to let it destroy itself. We are in this together, and we have the strength of many on our side!



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