Power On

Firstly I need to apologize, again, I have been outrageously inactive. For that you have my humble request for your attention once more. I am sorry.


As of late it seems my life is busier and busier, but that is no excuse I assure you. I’m not sure why too, but the writing tool for wordpress was constantly freezing up on me as I wrote. Not an excuse though.

As I type this, I am not having any issue, maybe a small delay, but nothing major. I will get back into the groove as of today. I had Technology Thoughts posts lined up but they gave me writers block, so I will scrap them now. Perhaps a focus on Philosophy, lifestyles, and self-improvement posts would be more suitable.

I am also looking at new logos, as well as possibly changing the name of this little organization. I’m thinking U.L.Convergence (instead of construct). You all will have to let me know in the comments below!

It is 2016. It is time for us to take our step in changing the world, at first the blog was to share philosophical ideologies. We are evolving, we must become the construct of global change, and only people like us can be the faciltators. We are the philosopher kings that will lead the world in a beacon of hope and intelligence.

The world needs to wake up!


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