The Struggle of Life

The struggle of life is determined by how much you let it affect you. Things come and go, and situations arise, but its up to you how you handle them and how you react to them. Do you let yourself get worked up or do you enact mindfulness?

The truth is you can never make the right decision every time, there will always be a mistake sometime along in your path. Its human nature. Our existence as a species, is fundamentally flawed, which makes us perfect. That is what gives us life, is that flawed aspect…… our emotions. Our emotional aspect embodies us, and gives us the reason to live.

Without sadness we wouldn’t know happiness, without hate we wouldn’t know love, but that does not mean we cannot learn to love more. This world is too small for petty grievances and the illusion of borders. We wouldn’t know love without hate, but we have enough hate in our history to last us for generations and let peace ascend to the mantel.


In life there is ups and downs, and we have all felt them both, some of us perhaps more so. Suffering happens, and although its terrible it is one of the pillars of learning. From suffering comes wisdom. That is one reason why religion was formed, as a way to alleviate the harshness of suffering.

The true form of religion comes from the idea of mindfulness and being at peace, and each major religion takes this idea in some form or another. Ascending to heaven, achieving nirvana, becoming one with Atman, being with Allah (from my understanding of Islam at least). All of these are completely different philosophies, but all of them are the same impact. They all share that deep root within all of us. Its funny to think how much the world has fought over these religions, when they are so much more alike than they even know.

The point of this post is to open your awareness to the suffering around you, how apparent it truly is, even in this modern age. The vast amount of people who are in hard times just next to you. Perhaps a spark of compassion and love might inflame.

This post was written from the heart, just like some of my best works of the past, and I hope you enjoyed the read. Thank you for reading.

Dustin U.L.C.


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