The Voyage of Time

Time will hit you like a ton of bricks at some point in your life, for most its when they’re old, and for some it happens in their youth. Life travels at various speeds for different people, and some are aware of the change and make the most of it. Others are lost in their own illusion and by the time they’re out, they are at the end of their path.

Now I’m not saying this to scare you or even warn you, but do keep in mind that life will go by much quicker than you anticipate. Make the most of what you have and life prosperously.

Most people might understand where I coming from with this next idea, when you finish a video game, book, movie, and you’re sad that the ending has come to pass. The journey you went on was amazing, and the stories will make you that much wiser. Still that lingering feeling in your chest. That pain and sadness that something you enjoyed so much is over. There was a saying I heard a while back, “Don’t be sad that its over, be happy that it happened”. While still leaving you to your own accord whether or not to feel sad, it still gives us a reason to smile.

All of these sources of knowledge and philosophy captured in little instances, yet we still get so attached to them. They let us escape from the trials of this world, into the fantasies of others.

The world is tough no doubt about that, but its up to you and only you to make the most of it.


-Dustin U.L.C.


4 thoughts on “The Voyage of Time

    1. Our most valuable resource is time, and it gets taken every second of the day. People don’t seem to realize that, hell even I dont at times. Its who we are as a people to let it slip our minds, but we need to mold it into our society more that time is precious. Not for the business world, as they say time is money, no, for our entire body of people: Time is life.

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