Confidence in the Face of Darkness

Confidence is a funny thing, for it can be too much (arrogance) or too little (weakness). The line between the two is microscopic, and the challenge of keeping in balance is enormous.

The drop from confidence makes you depressed, irritable, and self-conscious. These are not good feelings at all, and they start a detriment to your life. The power of sheer will can cause someone to accomplish great things. You simply need the confidence to start that first step towards it.

The power of confidence allows you to face anything, no matter what level of adversity you face. The secret that everyone doesn’t realize is that the power is truly inside of you, and you don’t even know it. The power to be a happy, confident, and positive force is right there for the taking. Being able to tap into that will allow you to grow in numerous ways.


Darkness and turmoil are going to always be in your way, it is the way of nature and life. Do not let this discourage you, for light and survival is equally prominent. The choice is yours to fight or flight. You’d be surprised how easy it is to fight the challenge ahead, the real kicker is the making the choice to fight in the first place. Most people simply believe that they are too weak, or not strong within enough to win. This is their lack of confidence speaking NOT their true potential.


Starting to #makeachange within yourself is not an easy task, it takes determination to create the willpower. You CAN make a difference not only in yourself, but in the world too.

Balancing the Four Pillars is good place to start.

  1. Mind: Calm the overactive thoughts that plague your potential, and hinder the good ideas from coming into fruition. (Meditating helps with this)
  2. Body: Create the physical strength to literally walk the walk, and challenge your body to new heights. (Working out of course is the path to follow here, but if weight lifting isn’t your thing, simply try doing push ups and planks every day. Build up your endurance)
  3. Spirit: Spirituality is a crucial part of life, which is exactly why religions were formed in the first place. Now you don’t need to believe in some faith to be spiritual, and simply learning from philosophy can nourish your soul. (Try looking up philosophers like Aristotle, Thich Nhat Hanh, Alan Watts, etc.)
  4. Emotions: Finally we come to the bridge of the pillars. Most people don’t realize that emotions are a fundamental part of life, as they come and go so quickly. The true power of your emotions comes from the impact they have on your body. Anger and happiness raise your temperature, whereas sadness and depression lower it. Anger is normally a “bad” thing, but it can be a catalyst to true passion. Now that is what anger is truly for, and using that to fuel your pillars is a smart move!

Take this philosophy talked about here, and use it to create the inner confidence that you need to thrive in this world. Take it and challenge the entire world, for nothing is as strong as a confident human being.

-Dustin U.L.C.


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