The Grind

[Listen to this song while you read! Fallen Heroes]

This is something no matter what state of mind, body, or life you are in, you will understand. The grind.

The Grind is something that we go through in order to achieve our endeavors, and accomplish our goals. We must fight through this uphill battle in order to progress forward, and evolve as a person. The U.S. is often plagued with banter from other countries and even sometimes from our own, about how lazy we are as a nation or as a people. You know what? Its true. We let ourselves down by choosing the lazy option, or letting our sloth-like attitude get the best of us. Preventing our growth, our rise to power, and our will to succeed. We let corporations do the governing instead of the populous (like a democracy truly should), and we let our bodies down with processed food and chemicals.

We need to realize as a whole that we are all facing the same grind, the same challenges, and the same problems. Once that happens we can finally start to work together and face them as a team. The grind is an obstacle ahead of each and everyone of us, but it is also ahead of all of us.


I work two jobs, with eight positions in total, I also blog on the U.L.C., workout for my body, and among a variety of social occasions I converse with many people. This level of activity is rather crazy. Its only hitting me now as I type how crazy busy I truly get, and the sheer amount of strength it takes to handle all of it. This is the grind, this is my challenge to get to my goals ahead. I have grand goals in motion and I will succeed in them. You know why? Because I am facing MY grind head on, and I am open to the grind around me, and to the people around me. My life will improve once the people’s around me improves too. That is why I get so passionate about helping others reach their physical goals, and to strive past them.

There are days where its easier. Then there are days where the struggle starts from the very moment I get up in the morning to the moment I hit my head on my pillow again. Days where it literally hurts to walk because I taxed my muscles too much. Days where I just want to sleep because my mind is overwhelmed and needs rest. Days where my emotions run rampant and I become irritable or sad. These are the days where true strength in anybody shines through, as it is THESE days where you are on the front lines. Fighting the grind, fighting the challenges ahead, and fighting the laziness right out of your body.

Take this post with a grain of salt and with a punch to the face, for even a tough person can break, but it is the mark of the strong to pull yourself back together.

Get back up.


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