Life Assembles

In every great legend, tale, or story, there is one common event. Convergence.

We are a race that repeatedly come together for good or for bad. We need that social interaction in even the most simplest circumstances. Simply speaking working and coming together IS human nature. That is why we live on, to live together.

Our cultures, our nations, our so called “borders” they all have come to fruition because of this apparent nature. Our environment as a species has cultivated an astounding amount of unity and cooperation. Yet we still seem to cling to this idea of separation.

We must divulge our curiosities and seek out new ideas and challenges. That is how we can converge. When that happens is when we can converge and change the world.

World Changing Videos:

Our Nature


It is our nature to say oh well I am not where I want to be because of him or her, or I wish I was more like so and so, or we see the death and destruction caused by our own insecurities. Our world is so completely self-conscious as a global community. The ironic thing is WE ALL FEEL THIS, so the fact that we feel it at all is preposterous. We should shift our mentality to a confident and unified ideology. We seem to have this impression that we have to be stuck this way, with no way out, but that’s not true. Its quite simple to change your ideology. Changing your mentality is as simple as changing a habit. It might be hard to do, but most of the challenge is starting in the first place.

You are who you want to be, and never forget that. If you want things to change, then you need to change yourself. “Be the change you wish to see in the world” -Gandhi

I struggle with my changes as well, as anybody would, but I hope that my success in this endeavor may give you hope for change as well. #makeachange

-Dustin U.L.C.


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