ULCians: A Symbol for Humanity

Listen to this as you read!

I was reading this article about being a symbol for humanity. Here give it a look! http://addicted2success.com/success-advice/4-ways-to-become-the-symbol-of-possibility-for-humanity/

It really is unique as it talks about how to get yourself into a real position to be a symbol. To truly ever have a chance to #makeachange you have to make one within yourself FIRST!

Taking into account the Four Pillars: Four Pillars of Life. You can really start to understand what it takes to change yourself. It comes down to maintaining and balancing your own pillars of your life. Once that is done, and you are balanced for that time, you can start to help the others around you. Then it will spread until the whole world can stand on their Four Pillars with balance and success.


Your greatest challenge is to start, then finishing is only a matter of time.

Some steps to take from the article:

crushing your goals

have an impact by helping everyone else

“When you dedicate your life to going against the naysayers and doing what you can to inspire others, you feel like a different person, and you become something that defies possibility itself.”

Challenges are only a challenge if you let yourself believe that you are not strong enough to overcome them. You have the power to master your own mind, body, spirit, and emotions. Use them to your own advantage.


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