Proclivity Towards Unity

Unifying is a major concept that the United Living Construct tries to regularly convey. It is surely not an easy task on any level. For example there is a war in my own family between the two matriarchs (mother and daughter). I tend to refrain from bringing up pack mentality as it is a primitive way of life, but in this case the younger one is (in a way) trying to attain Alpha status over the older one.

As the direct descendant of both of these women, I did not want to involve myself in their conflict as I would rather be impartial. The problem is that the situation impacts all of the relatives and events around them. More than EITHER seem to realize, as well as the preoccupations and effects are leading the entire family down a path of separation.

I for one could not stand for this, as many of you would most likely understand. I attempted to convene ideas between them both. Both gave me rather reluctant attention, as they both are emotionally unbalanced sadly. This is a prime example of what happens with the emotional pillar of life gets upset. Even if their other 3 pillars were in impeccable condition (which they weren’t) they would all three still be greatly hindered. When one of the first 3 pillars gets damaged their effect would be great still but it can be either prevented more easily, or repaired with continued practice. (Mind: Learning, Body: Exercise, and Spirit: Meditation). When the emotional pillar is damaged it blinds some people from the first three practices, more so than in other occasions, and it also brings down the pillars farther.


My attempt to bridge an even minimal amount of trust, rather backfired, and they went back to being angry. There was a spark of promise though.

I’m not sure how this situation will change, and if even I myself would be able to #makeachange as there some situations where it is out of our control on our own. We ALL have the power to change things in our lives, but sometimes it takes more than one to unite and make that change happen.


Thanks for reading, and blog posts will always come to the U.L.C. just be patient!

-Dustin U.L.C.


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