How To Improve Your Four Pillars

It has been a while with many of times I dared to write a post only to falter in creativity. This post has been lingering for a while and I believe I forged a quality path to help you all increase the strength of your “Four Pillars”.

Lets start with how they impact you, for each of them can help/hinder you in their own way. Mentally if your Mind Pillar is faulty your emotions can run dry, your body can feel heavy and sometimes literally is impaired.

Physically if your body is improperly managed, like say you rarely exercise, or your diet is sub par. Your Pillars will reflect that. You may feel sluggish, lack of energy, your mind might even be cloudy because of the lack of blood flow, or oxygen. If your body works so hard just to even walk due to not maintaining it over the years it will really bring you down.

Spiritually can be a tricky subject, as some people apply that as religion or having some sort of belief system. That isn’t the case, it doesn’t matter if you’re Christian, Muslim, or Atheist, your spirituality is quite important to keep in check. What you believe in, within your own life, can affect how your “soul” or whatever you want to call it behaves. The audacity people believe really can misguide your spirit and hinder your own path. You might be mislead, or even blocking the energetic flow of your body. Now personally I like to believe in Chakras. They are “orbs” per se of spiritual and magnetic energy within major points of the body. We will talk more about those later.


These all control different aspects of your self, but one of the biggest Pillars of your true self is your emotions. Your emotional state can both impact and be impacted by the other Pillars.

Saying this, imagine a moment when you were furious with something or someone, do you remember the rush of energy you possessed? What about when you were sad, the feeling of lackluster behavior, such as being lethargic or simply tired. Happiness! I wonder if you smiled when you read that, for even the thought of being happy, or simply smiling can instantly boost your body and mental health.

Take a min or two and listen to this song: What a Wonderful World

I dare you not to smile or bring yourself joy just by listening.

The song can manipulate your emotions, and in turn bring happiness and a spark to the brain, the body temperature raises, and blood flow too. You literally get warmer when you are happy.

The sheer amount of things you CAN do to increase the strength of your Pillars is immense, but the vast amount of things you HAVE to do to keep them strong is as well.


  • Mental Training games such as Tetris or Luminosity can help increase cognition and improve your mental capacity. Here is a link to my favorite game to play when I need a mental challenge.
  • Read! Seems simple enough right? Well some people (including myself at times I’ll admit) forget to do so. Although the grand impact that reading can have on you is great. Some books contain the knowledge that someone spent their whole lives finding out. doing
  • Challenge yourself. Any way that you can, such as trying out new skills, creating new habits (such as these things listed!), try walking in your house with a blindfold (A bit more fun than it sounds), listen to different music than your used to, try brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand (trickier than it sounds actually), etc.


  • Working out. Come on I know you saw this coming! Exercise in general is a good thing, when you’re fit it just feels so good. There is something about challenging your body to new limits that gives you a great feeling inside. The soreness the next day feels like an accomplishment.
  • Going off of the previous point, getting yourself to actually push yourself. There is a philosophy (Created by the U.S. Marines) called the 40% Rule. This is something I try to keep in mind, even in the slightest capacity if not fully, when I workout. I’ll provide a link but long story short: YOUR BODY IS AMAZING AND THAT MOMENT YOU THINK YOU’RE DONE, YOU’RE REALLY ONLY 40% DONE! Big Think: 40% Rule
  • Stretching is key. Something I’ve been doing a bit more as of late too, for the flexibility you will get, is very much worth the five minutes you will spend doing it. Yoga can be a workout, but it is also a way of stretching your body out (Some more traditional classes even stretch your mental flexibility as well).


  • Religion. This one is a bit controversial especially since I’ve openly said I don’t like the commonly practiced religions. Alas no matter my opinion, religion can sometimes help open you to broader ideas and existential concepts. They were created in the first place to help explain what happens in life not only within yourself, outside, and in the afterlife (or lack thereof). Point being opening yourself to new ideas.
  • Compassion. Most religions in some form express an interest in compassion or all living things. We are all connected in some form or another. (Rather it be through the Atman or God spirit within us [Hinduism], under a single God above [Christian, Islam, Judaism] etc. Some even speculate that we are connected on an even more interesting level such as electromagnetic or on a quantum level. Ideapod: Connected
  • Being True to Yourself, and what you believe that makes you, YOU. Sort of akin to meditation, but reflecting more consciously about your little quirks, habits, and personality.


  • Balance. We talked about  balancing the Pillars themselves, but balancing your emotions is a bit of a different scale. The ocean of emotions that many people feel on a daily basis can shift someone to very different states. Keeping yourself in check when you are in an extreme emotional state, is a crucial, albeit difficult endeavor. Though it WILL help you in the long run.
  • Overcoming things like depression, or mental illness is hard, but they reflect upon emotions quite drastically, and the reason that this isn’t in the mental category is that a lot of the time, it truly comes down to an emotional epiphany. Getting yourself to realize what you truly feel, and opening your heart to change.
  • Lastly we have the encumbrance of Emotional Vampires. Or in other words people who feed off your own energy and emotional state. Now there are Extroverted people, who get their energy by bouncing off others (Like a charismatic person at a party), but they improve the people around them. Emotional vampires are stuck in a loop, by which they only seem to be living by feeding on the happiness of the people around them. The best thing you can do is just avoid those kind of people. A lot of the time you simply CANNOT change how they are, it comes down to a personal level on their account. They have to be the ones to change.

All Four Pillars:

  • Diet. You might think well shouldn’t this go into the body category, but alas your diet can change how many aspects of your Pillars may work. If you eat “healthy” then your body will increase in strength, mental endurance, and emotional stability. Conversely if you eat constant fast food, and you lack the nutrients your body needs, then you will suffer in all categories. Now will all aspects in life it comes to balance, if you want to eat more sugary things then you can, you just might need to workout more, etc. The trick is to know what your body needs, and how you feel after eating something good or bad. For example I haven’t ate McDonald’s in almost a year, and rarely eat fast food in general. Simply because I do not feel good when I eat them. (Plus many of them put chemicals in the food, that not only make you feel sad, but make you want to come back) Break the chain #makeachange.
  • Meditation, and just like the last one this one might seem more like a mental or spiritual Pillar. Meditation can actually help all four in unique ways. Like we said before reflection within can help greatly. Not only knowing what makes you, you, but seeing for yourself what your true personality is. You don’t have to believe in reincarnation to know that there is an inner personality that isn’t commonplace for people to see. But why? Shouldn’t we express ourselves the way we feel that we are on the inside? Should we even care what other people think? Really the answer is no, the opinion that truly matters is your own. Meditate on that idea.
  • Music. Simply put music has incomprehensible impacts on all of your Pillars, and even more so depending on the type, variation, or beats. No matter what genre you like, you can find a song that reflects how you feel, think, or are. Sad, happy, energized, sluggish, etc. Try venturing out into different genres. I personally like nearly everything, and I listen to songs in a multitude amount of languages. I especially love French and Bollywood music!



Getting your Four Pillars into shape will not be easy, I hate to say it, and really everybody is different so some things will be easier or harder than others. Personally I come from a mentally focused genetic line. So my physical aspects are harder to overcome and improve, but my athleticism has improved so greatly over the years that people might not even know that I have to fight my own genes to be where I am.

Now it is not the challenge itself that you must face, for it is the change that is the hardest. Some people are incapable of change…. Pfft I do not believe that for a second. Everybody can change, in fact it is human nature to change, to adapt. We are a resilient species, and we can overcome anything that is thrown our way. Rather if it is on a personal level or a global. WE CAN FACE THE CHALLENGE AHEAD. #makeachange in your lives and aspire to great heights.

Your Four Pillars are waiting to be tempered and I can only hope this philosophy can help you.

As always I thank you for reading, a lot of work goes into this Blog and these posts, even if they are infrequent. Keep strong and press on!

-Dustin U.L.C.


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