The Path of Virtue

Virtue is a common notion of honor, discipline, and simply high morals. It is something many people have seemingly forgotten about in the past century or so. Which is sad when you come to think of it, as virtue is that notion that we so desperately need. We have politicians running around and acting like children just to get our attention. Is that really what we want? Do we really want them to lead our nation, or the world? Conversely we have citizens who would care less what happens on around them if it meant it didn’t “affect” them. Even though in the long run it really does.

The world IS connected, not only on the large scale, but even on the very smallest. This fact can not simply be forgotten. If it is then we are more lost than I thought. Every person can have inconceivable impacts on every one else without them even knowing. This is why the Path of Virtue is so important. If your actions will control the outcome of somebody’s life, even indirectly, then shouldn’t it be very prudent to have your actions be of high standard? Take a lifeguard in a swimming pool, if your actions are sub-par someone’s life could be at stake. Now if they are of high moral standard then not only can you save their life, but you could perhaps even CHANGE it for the better.

Make a Change

Point being keep yourself at a high standard. Your morals don’t just matter to you, they matter to everybody. Be a knight, a priest, mason, justicar, philosopher, whatever you feel is right to be, so to speak. As long as you keep those morals in the high ground!

The reason that this post is being made is that I hope that the readers can look at their actions and see what the outcome may be. Perhaps you won’t be able to see that far ahead, but even one step ahead is better than one step backward.

-Dustin U.L.C.


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