Making An Impression

Life is all about how you impact others, and in turn how you impact yourself. Why is that? Why is our lives centered around others? We cannot go a day without making a minimal impact at the very least, and that’s at the small end. Who knows maybe our actions have even more unforeseen affects on others than we even realize.

Perhaps I am delving into a matter that isn’t necessary, or perhaps this something we desperately need to get out to each and every mind there is. The sheer momentum that can be started by making a change in a small way, can triple forward, perhaps in ten times that.

The possibilities are endless, and when you truly and deep down think on that, then you get a small glimmer of realization that the world is truly a wonderful place. You can have so much impact on everyone around you by choosing to be happy, choosing to be positive. Your emotional state can be changed by a variety of factors, yes, but it can also be changed by you (albeit difficult at times). Alas it can be done. You truly can choose to be happy.


Your internal prowess will overcome anything, and I really mean anything. If there is something you put your whole self into: mind, body, and spirit; Then there is nothing you cannot accomplish. Trust yourself and make an impression.

What does it mean to make an impression? Is it what we do when we first meet somebody? Is it only the first time and that’s it?


Impressions you make are a daily occurrence. As they say every day is a new day. Everybody else’s minds are in a different state, just like yours, and they are are intermingling even without you knowing. We all know about body language and how that changes people’s perception of you, but there are so many other factors at play. Even at a distance, but when it comes to up close there are many more.

Here are a few: micro/mini/nano-expressions (all with different impacts), tone of voice, eye contact (or lack thereof), even your emotional state can have outer effects on people. If you believe in such things as auras, or personal magnetic fields then you know what I’m talking about.

Both auras and magnetic fields are like barriers per se, and they all bump around with each other. If your emotional pillar (or spiritual) is imbalanced then those bubbles or barriers get weaker and are more prone to negative energy. You literally open yourself to more bad, when you are in a bad mood for example. Same goes for positivity you open yourself to more when you radiate it.

Simply put to give a good impression, just make sure your own impression of yourself is something good or positive. Think of it like, am I giving off the kind of energy I want to receive?


On that note thank you for reading and please comment below your thoughts of positivity!

-Dustin U.L.C.


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