The Burning Heart

Are you the person you want to be? Are you even sure what you want, or is your life just going to float by without you realizing??

The key to being the person you are deep down is: Passion. Pure and simple. It connects what you deem is you on the inside, the person that you portray to the outside world. The true you, that you can be is one that shows the inner passion from within. One might call this a burning heart.


The pure fire that many of you, if not all contain, is something that is so beautiful. Just even writing this at this moment makes me feel the passion within, something that I struggle with describing.

Ironically I get heartburn quite a bit, but its not just the pain of the burn, its the literal passion that inspires behind it. Imagine if you will that even though heartburn is simple acid build up, that its energy. This energy is being inflamed within you like some sort of factory. You are a reactor for passion, and only you can spark it.

This simple yet misunderstood ideal is so monumental to the path of a better life. You can achieve anything you set that passion towards you. Just for kicks I’ll be honest with you all, this is my passion. What you are reading right here, the blog, the post, the teaching of ideals. I had somebody tell me that I write in a didactic way, but my reasoning isn’t of power or personal gain. I simply want to spread a unique or rather comprehensive ideology.

That is my PASSION: The spread of philosophy and ideology to the world. I created the words on this blog in a way that is unique. That is where the name United Living Construct came into being. The passion towards people and the peace that living together could bring. The construct of ideals coming together in a unique way, not conceived in such a fashion. The passion to unite the world.


My burning heart fires for all of you.

-Dustin U.L.C.



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