The Abundance of ENERGY

As Joseph has talked about in his article about the common nature of energy, and how extremely abundant it is in many forms.

This post was greatly written and I wanted to share it all with you in order for it to be seen by as much people as possible!!

There is another interesting point to make about this idea, a more fundamental (albeit philosophical) aspect that he innocently overlooked! Every mind is different and some people see more logically or emotionally, and some like myself (who live on balance) try to see the fine line between them. I bring this up because of this man’s apparent genius, but it’s selective.

[Dear Joseph I write this post not in an offensive way I assure you! Simply stating an analytical hypothesis of your psychology! I could always be wrong!]

My meaning by this is that his idea is quite grand in nature, as is a lot of the U.L.C.’s posts as well, although he focused on one area. My thoughts on it was that the “fluctuation of energy no matter what state or motion, or compound. It is the same.” -From my comment on the post

There are many religions that talk about the universal energy being there for the taking in a way. Alternatively in Hinduism it is talked about “Atman” or the God soul. From my understanding there is a godsoul within each person, and if you lived a good and prosperous life then that godsoul will reunite with the rest. Although if you do not, then you get reincarnated.

This idea is fundamental to the ever continuing cycle of energy. It all comes and goes, never gets destroyed only changed. Changed between different waves, speeds, forms, and in turn on a bigger scale such as states of matter. Gas, Liquid, Plasma, and Solid.


That is all for today, I simply wanted to talk about a unique and interesting idea. Also wanted to give a shoutout to a good blog:


-Dustin U.L.C.


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