Inner Strength And Deeper Focus [In The Vanguard]

As someone who goes onto other people’s blogs to learn what I can, and adapt my own life from their teachings, there is one that has stood out quite often. “In the Vanguard” Now this site is based on becoming a more self empowered being, and being able to transcend what some people may call common personal attributes. Think of the Four Pillars but enhanced.

What Siim does is something we all CAN do, but CHOOSE not to. We all can be healthy, strong, mentally capable, and self motivated. Alas we allow ourselves to slip into a slope of weakness. Why?

Why do we do this, and whats the point? If we are happier, stronger, and better when we are increasing our own potential. THEN WHY DON’T WE DO IT?

These are all things that can be changed, and as ULCians (or really people in general) we need to start going towards these goals.


This post he wrote is about the bridge between the Mental and Physical planes, or in U.L.C. terms the two Pillars of Mind and Body. How their intrinsic nature are bound to impact each other.

Even emotions can impact our thoughts, even the simple matter if they are of positive or negative in nature. The self mastery it takes to overcome mental blockades can be tough to attain, but not only is it possible. It is simply what we need to do to advance as a species, and he goes into great detail in his blogs as well as his book.

Which you can get for free if you subscribe, which I think is a good deal. I have it on my kindle app on my phone so I can read it when I need a boost.

In a way both the United Living Construct and In the Vanguard are on the same path. Albeit for different reasons, but same goals. We both want the world to be improved, on every scale from the personal to the grander scheme of things. Everybody has the potential for greatness, and if we combine our potential into a global atmosphere the results are unfathomable.

-Dustin U.L.C.


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    1. Of course my friend! And yeah I learned certain writing techniques such as picture placement and partitioning paragraphs. So that I contour to every and all readers 🙂


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